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At Bicycle World we’re lucky to have such great customers. Here are testimonials from many of our customers representing cycling enthusiasts of all types and levels:

Stan Kroder – 05/10/2013
The loud creaks are NO MORE!!! You completely made them go away to which I and those who ride near me say THANK YOU!! The Bassman International distance triathlon went well on Sunday. It took place in the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. Race was 0.6mile swim, 29m bike, 5.1m run. I had a good day @ 2nd in age group & 8th overall. The bike course was fairly technical with several turns, but terrain was pancake flat and fast. I averaged 22.9 mph over the 29 m course which is pretty good for me. Thanks again for coming early on Saturday. I sincerely appreciate it!! It felt like I was riding a brand new bike in the race.

Dick Schapiro – 05/02/2013
For my inaugural ride, we met at 5:45 this morning and did a 14 mile, very hilly route. Words like wow and yippee come to mind. The bike was as quick and responsive as the Madone yet had a softer ride. It wasn’t a huge difference but it was enough to notice and these roads are so bumpy I think it made a differences for this old and creaky body. The shifting was immediate and, in some ways, smoother and more responsive than my Dura Ace. Maybe it’s the electronic shifters. All in all, I’m extremely happy with it!

Viviana Podhaiski – 04/29/2013
Yesterday I was fitted for my first bike. It was worth the trip from Hopewell Junction. Worked overtime and saved my pennies to buy a bike from bike world. The advice and 1:1 attention, no price tag on that! Everyone was polite, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about cycling. Thank you!!! I learned a lot. Will be back to get my family on board with riding. 🙂

Ryan Markwith – 04/29/2013
What a Bike!! Just got back from my first ride – a solo 21 mile out-and-back on the South County Trailway. Averaged nearly 20 mph for most of the ride. The bike felt fast controlled and stable. Aerobars felt great when I hit 27 mph. Can’t wait for my next ride!

Ben Marano – 04/28/2013
Hi Eric and Bicycle World crew, I wanted to thank you for all your help with my new bike. The Felt Z3 is fantastic. This is quite an up grade from my aluminum Trek 1500 (which is still a great bike). The shifting is unbelievable smooth. I appreciate all the effort and attention to detail including the fitting, the wedge for my left shoe and swapping out the cassette for a 32. It has made a great difference. I’ll be in for my tune up soon. Thanks again, Ben Marano

Michael Weinstien – 04/11/2013
Best shop, with best service in the area. They make you feel like you’re part of their family and share their love of biking with you.

Charles Koenig – 04/08/2013
Eric “fit” my bike to me!!! More power, higher average speed and less neck pain (go figure!). Happy camper.

Scott Speigel – 04/04/2013
I have to tell you. Anytime I go into the store I always feel welcomed and at home. Whether I am buying a gel pack or a shirt Eric, Ilene and the staff make you feel great. I would recommend this store to everyone.

Joe and Mark Grammatico – 01/26/2013
Back in 2007 I decided it was time to begin to do a non impact sport since all the long distance running I had been doing started to affect the arthritis in my hip joints and knees. I decided it was time to purchase a road bike and was told by my triathlete friends that it was very important that I get the bike at a store that fits you to the correct ride. It was hard for me to believe that the proper fit and bike was so important since I had always purchased a bicycle in large stores where the help had little knowledge of the intricacies of the road bike and what was best for me. Through my friend’s recommendation I decided to go to Bicycle World to purchase my first “real ride” and was introduced to the friendliness and professionalism that I had never experienced at any sports stores. Eric took the time to suggest the proper bike (Felt Z35 Carbon Fiber Road Bike) and gave me the utmost attention in getting the correct fit for me with all the joint issues I had been experiencing. After riding the bike for the first time I could not believe the amount of athletic pleasure one can experience riding a bike. The fit was perfect and the bike was exactly what the doctor ordered. Besides the great sales experience I had purchasing my bike, the staff at Bicycle World never forgets you and will help make your ride as perfect in any way they can. If you have a problem with the bike the staff will address it immediately without any hesitancy. I recently had hip re-surfacing surgery (June 2102) and called Eric to suggest a clip less pedal that would be the easiest to get in and out. I went to the store and he fitted me with the SpeedPlay pedals that worked exactly to the specifications I wanted. In addition Eric made some minor adjustments on the gears when he heard something while I was being fitted for the pedals. Such professionalism in retail bike stores is extremely hard to find. Due to all of my positive experiences at Bicycle World my son Mark, who just completed the 2012 Lake Placid Ironman, purchased his Tri bike at Bicycle World and had such a positive experience that he does all his major work for his bike at Bicycle World even though he lives and trains in Albany, New York. Why you may ask? Because every bike shop he has been to in his area does not come close to the knowledge and professionalism Eric and his staff demonstrates every time you visit the store. I know that when it is time for me to purchase another bike and there is no doubt I will purchase it at Bicycle World. Thank you Bicycle World, Joe and Mark Grammatico

Clifford Press – 11/18/2012
I’ve been riding the bike, and I like it a lot. Firstly, the IOS is no gimmick, it’s an appreciably easier ride over bumps. Thank you for recommending the Domane for that. The other big improvement I noticed is the handlebars. The extra width is much appreciated, and you have mounted them about 1.5” higher then on my previous bike, and I think that is more comfortable form someone of my age. Also, they have a nice flat area where you can place your palms, and that is much more comfortable. The bike is really stiff laterally, I think that big downtube is doing its work. The components are not the slickest to shift, but I knew they were a basic level to start with, so not really surprised. All in all, I think it was the right machine to get started again, I hope I can get really fit in the next 6 months and come back to get a top end Domane. Thanks for taking such care over fitting it for me, makes all the difference. Best, Clifford

Karel Citroen – 08/15/2012
I had to wait till Sunday to ride my new bike which was well worth it. It was the single most bicycling changing event yet. An hour in I finally realized what it felt like, namely like riding in a group while in actuality I was alone. It was like I was drafting behind the bike, that was how easy it had become. And I was going much faster! The bottom part of the handlebars feel great but especially on climbs holding the brakes opens up my chest so much I can take in much more air or at least that is what it felt like. The only thing missing was a heavier gear for on the descent because on this bike it is fun going down hill fast.

Tim Lener – 07/23/2012
I’ve been meaning to send you this note to thank you again for fitting me correctly to my Cannondale. You made corrections to my bike that have completely alleviated the pain I was having in my wrist and left shoulder. The adjustment of the brake hoods worked immediately and the pain hasn’t recurred. You also noticed that my left leg was shorter than my right, and the cleat shim really has given me more power as you said it would. My legs feel like they’re both working equally now. Also, thanks for finding the “noise” at my right pedal crank. My ride is smooth and QUIET now, and I couldn’t be happier. See ya on the road!

Karel Citroen – 07/17/2012
I wanted to let you know what a great experience it was and what benefit I already got from it. Following the fitting I was able to add 10 miles to my commute and do it .4 mph faster, benefitting from the additional power I got from the hips, gluteus and thighs. It seems that before I was riding from my knees and calves. Breathing was also better as you had predicted. I can’t thank you enough; discomfort during 20 years of riding was cured just like that!

Stephanie Brosowsky – 06/19/2012
Thank you for your expert fitting on our tandem Trek 2000! The tweaks you made last week were perfect. Our knees, muscles and joints were extremely happy all weekend. The tandem rally in Saranac Lake was a huge success. The weather was perfect, it was extremely well organized and the people were wonderful. A very happy crowd. Our tandem riding skills definitely improved. We were so happy that we bought that matching riding jersey last minute. We’ll show you the pictures next time we are in the store. Thank you again for your help and we’ll see you soon.

Ryan Wiley – 05/03/2012
Eric fitted me yesterday. Unbelievable about much more comfortable I am on the bike. I got out for a short 12 mile spin, but the adjustments were remarkable. More power, higher cadence, opened rib cage…amazing. It’s like he tapped into a whole supply of untapped power by stabilizing my pedal stroke with a 3mm shim under my left cleat and symmetrizing my position. I’m really excited. Thanks again!

John Villani – 11/18/2011
After 20 years of biking it was finally time for an upgrade, a really significant upgrade! Now as a very serious Westchester cyclist typically logging 150+ miles a week I had both many hours in the saddle and opportunity to talk with other cyclist on where to go for the best bikes. But after all these years I was yet to be really comfortable on my bike and had constant back pain. So instead of asking which shop had the best prices or bikes, I started asking around who and where to get the best bike fit in the area. I spent the entire 2005 cycling season asking anyone that would listen to that question. The resounding common answer was “Bicycle World”. Well of course that seemed logical because I was asking people in Westchester and Bicycle World is one of the bigger shops in the area. The defining moment came during a ride up in Connecticut. I was a good 75 miles away from Westchester and on a large group ride. As I was hammering out the ride, I got to talking with the guy who’s wheel I was glued to. Turns out he worked at a shop in the area. So, I asked him, who does the best bike fitting in the area? Without so much a blink, he responded Eric at Bicycle World. Wow, I was amazed that this guy was talking about my local shop over the one he worked at. That day convinced me to go. So with much excitement my fitting was scheduled and finally arrived (yes, plan ahead Eric is usually booked). Now having never done this before, I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but had bike in hand and figured I would set it up on the trainer and start riding. Instead, Eric said to tell him nothing and just had me stand still as he took lots of body measurements. Then had me move and stretch while observing and measuring some more. At some point I must have gotten on the bike and he again observed and measured me and the bike. Then finally we spoke and Eric went into detail explaining all the pains I had in my back and neck, the numbness I got in my hands and feet. It was amazing! I had told him none of this, and he could tell all of it from my body measurements, movement and bike. I was totally blown away. From there we started talking about which bikes would work for me based on this information. Eric was very considerate and worked within my budget, and ultimately selected a Ridley, Damocles. Two more fittings later and the bike is still as comfortable today as it was the day it rolled out the shop door. Eric did such a good job, that when it came to buy a cross bike I did not hesitate to go back to Bicycle World and have them replicate the setup on my new Ridley, X-Fire. I have now been riding both of these bikes for many years and can only say DON’T WAIT. I can’t believe it took me so many years of riding before I was truly comfortable. I have learned that back and neck pain, numbness in any part of your body is NOT normal and is not just part of what comes along with cycling. With the right bike fit, all of those pains and annoyances can go away and bring even greater enjoyment to the sport we love. Ilene and Eric – Thank you for the great work you do and an awesome shop. Your long lost customer in Chicago – John Villani (aka Evil Ridley)

Jim Lintz – 09/30/2011
I needed a few obscure parts for my bicycle rack and called around to several shops looking for them. No one had them except for Bicycle World. When I stopped in the shop the staff was friendly, knowledgable and helpful. They seem to have a great inventory of part, bikes and accessories and plenty of people to help you out. Jim

Hal Goldstein – 09/20/2011
I spent 3 1/2 hours with Eric on Tuesday. I cannot thank you enough for your clarity. It was above and beyond. He re-did my Colnago Road Bike and we addressed my TT bike. He firmly believes that the Ridley can work for me. At the very least it will be a test platform for my my future new GURU. That dude is an artist. Although I have been ‘fitted’ by others. I have never been fitted. Hal

Blair Baskin – 06/22/2011
Eric, Its been a few months since my bike fit and I can’t say how much of a difference its made in my safety and performance. As a rider with disabilities it is critical that the bike works with me rather than against me. The money spent on setting up the bike properly did more for me than any fancy whiz bang piece of carbon ever could. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your expertise. Blair

Farrel Goldberg – 06/02/2011
I am just thrilled with your bike shop and team. “Great bike shop, excellent service, including very quick turnaround on bike maintenance. I ride 150+ miles a week, and often need bike items, maintenance or have questions. Eric and his team are very friendly, patient, and honest. They are always happy to answer my many questions; I have often called and Eric has always taken my calls. They once stayed late to wait for me as I had a flat a wanted to get back out on the road. They never talk down to me like some of the other bike shops. And they never over-sell – Eric has persuaded me on occasion to not buy something, or to choose something more affordable that is still good quality. I highly recommend using this bike shop.”

Jim Lee – 05/10/2011
Thanks Eric for a great fitting…my ride today was my best…smooth like butter with all the power!! you rock!! I highly recommend Bicycle World and specifically Eric for the experience of a lifetime!!

Greg Iorizzo – 03/18/2011
I am a 56 year old rider that set out on looking for sound advice on equipment and bike fit. Visiting bike shops from Dutchess County, where I live, all the way to Brooklyn. I called Bicycle World and spoke to Eric about the benefits of a new bike. He was very knowledgable and accomodating. Eric suggested to do a bike fit before going any further. I did and the result was very positive. My 13 year old bike for the first time fit the new position and made me feel more comfortable, efficient and powerful. Good Job Eric.

Phil Albinus – 10/02/2010
I brought my bike in to get a flat tire fixed and your team was done in less than 10 minutes. And on a Saturday! They were friendly and efficient and didn’t give off a snobby vibe like the prima donnas at other shops. I will definitely be coming back for my future biking needs. Please send me updates on news and features via email.

Steve Wysmuller – 08/26/2010
Dear Eric, Thank you for an amazing bike fit. It’s finally enjoyable to ride my bike again…no knee pain and with increased speed. Overall my speed has increased by a good 2mph and that was on a recent 70+ mile ride. Pretty incredible given the adjustments you made. I’ll definitely be recommending Bicycle World! Thank you. Best, Steve Wysmuller Goldens Bridge,NY

Chris DiMinno – 08/12/2010
So last weekend Jill and I did the Portland 10 bridges ride. 36 miles, about 5000 people participated. I just happened to be wearing the Bicycle World kit you guys sent me a couple of weeks ago. Out of the entire crowd, there were a few people who came up to me and actually said that they had been to Bicycle World and said that you guys were awesome. Your reputation spans the country!

Hans Morefield – 08/02/2010
Eric, just wanted to report that my bike held up great — no bottom bracket noises, no issues whatsoever over the last three days at the Tour of the Catskills. With my smooth running bike, I won Stage 1 and Stage 2 and was the overall winner too. I’m mostly off for a few weeks, but will likely be in the store late in the month. I might be in the market for a simple cyclocross bike. Thanks for all the great service.

Arthur Kooper – 07/31/2010
Eric, Thanks for keeping the store open late last night so that the unexpected problems we found with my bike could be repaired. Staying late and getting the job done right are two things that set Bicycle World apart from the competition. Please thank Mike for me on his hard work and the extra hours he put in so I could get my early morning ride in.

Lisa Baker – 07/18/2010
Bicycle World is the perfect local bike shop. Eric and Ilene Marcos have owned the store for years and are almost always on site, ensuring high quality. I’ve bought three bikes at Bicycle World, ranging from a basic mountain bike for my son to a fancy all-carbon road bike, which Eric special-ordered for me. Eric is known throughout Westchester as an expert at fitting bikes, and I am super happy with mine. The shop at Bicycle World has done countless repairs and tune-ups for me, always quickly and well. I would not be nearly as avid a cyclist today without Bicycle World’s great advice and support. Thanks!

Dave Lewitt – 07/16/2010
Hey Eric and Ilene! THANK YOU!!!–the bike definitely feels better and I very much appreciate the ultra fast turnover on the work– my sanity will stay intact thanks to you guys! Dave Lewitt

Mike McKenna – 07/16/2010
Eric, WOW!!! I took out the Ridley last night for 30 miles and since you made those changes it feels like a different bike! It flew and at times when I just cruising in a lighter gear I couldn’t believe how fast that I was going. Thanks for spending so much time with me last Thursday. Next year for the Trek, I will probably have you install a Dura Ace drivetrain system. PS: Thanks for taking care of one of my PT Clients last Saturday, Pat, with his new bike. He loves it and is hooked! Thanks again, Mike

Kevin Chin – 05/21/2010
I had a bad neck injury and was told I may not ride much again. Eric fit me and I ride all the time now. It was a dramatic change and I feel that riding actually strengthens my neck muscles which supports my spine. I can’t thank you enough!

David McKay Wilson – 05/04/2010
I encouraged my friend to buy a bike at your store. She bought a carbon Felt last week. She had a very good experience and felt like you really worked to get her the best bike for her, and one that fit as well. > So thanks for taking good care with her, as is your reputation throughout our growing cycling community.

Dr. Andrew Werney – 05/04/2010
The first ride on my new Redline was awesome. It had been years since I rode a bike and then rode 25 miles without any discomfort. I hadn’t realized the importance of the fitting and measuring until that ride. Thank you, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Charlie Collins – 04/26/2010
I’m a New York Cycle Club member and this past Saturday I dropped into your store with a broken shifter cable. One of your fine mechanics fished out the parted cable head end from the shifter, recabled the bike, and had me (and my fellow riders), back on the road in under 15 minutes. Thanks so much! Charlie Collins

Andrew Moss – 12/05/2009
My bicycle fitting by Eric at Bicycle World was a transformational experience for my riding. While training for my favorite 2-day 200 mile charity ride, I injured my IT band and even with the aid of physical therapy, found my recovery to be frustratingly slow. Three weeks before the event, because of the injury, I couldn’t make it 10 miles on my “fitted” road bike I’d been riding for more than 2 years. I came in to see Eric and he spent an hour and a half working with me on adjusting my saddle, bars, stem, and cleats. I also followed Eric’s prescription for riding in the last few weeks leading up to the event. Miraculously, a short 3 weeks later at my charity event, I rode the entire 112 miles of the first day PAIN FREE!! My wife also saw Eric after her bike was “fitted” at the shop where she purchased it (not Bicycle World), and his fitting freed her or wrist and back pain. Everyone who experiences any type of discomfort on their bike should see Eric for a fitting.

Rob Seitz – 11/14/2009
I have a Giant road bike that has more miles on it than some aging rock stars! But having grown so attached to it, and having toured through several states on it, I was more inclined to fix its worn parts than buy a new bike. That was until I got some quotes from shops near my home in Southern Westchester. Yikes! I could have bought a new bike for not much more money. That was until I spoke to Eric Marcos at Bicycle World, who was as outraged as I was by the quotes I had received. Driving up to Mt. Kisco not only saved me several hundred dollars, but it gave me a beautiful new (old) bike that I now love to ride (again) and with no more worry that the chain will fall off halfway up some killer hill!

Glenn, Alison and Caitlin Kramon – 09/16/2009
Thank you for recommending just the right touring bike for Caitlin for her cross-country ride from Savannah to Santa Monica this summer. She reports that the Trek 520 was problem-free even as other kids’ bikes had troubles. And thank you for so carefully fitting the bike to her; whereas some other riders reported aches and pains, Caitlin felt good the entire way (in spite of one nasty spill in Alabama). We’re lucky to have found you and Bicycle World. All the best, Glenn, Alison and Caitlin Kramon

West Rapoport – 09/15/2009
Long story short- I bought a great road bike somewhere else. I thought it was fitted properly. I hated riding it. I heard of you guys and got fitted for the bike. Now I love riding! No aches, no pains. Even better, as my riding position improved, I needed the original settings tweaked and you did it- FOR FREE! Great service and great attitude. Worth every cent. You have a customer for life! By the way, you have a great selection of clothes.

Heidi Michaels – 07/28/2009
I’ve been meaning to stop in and personally thank you for re-fitting my bike. You are a master craftsman when it comes to making fine adjustments to bikes! With the adjustments you made, I feel like I have a new bike, more power and more joy in riding again. Thank you for caring and making sure my bike fit is just right. All the best, Heidi

Ken Grossman – 05/22/2009
In a world of “I’ll tell you what bike is best for you”, there is a haven of fine buying experience at Bicycle World in Mt Kisco NY. From the first phone call, to my new Ridley Noah being rolled out the door into my car, it was the most pleasant experience I could have asked for. The shop, the staff, and the owners are the most caring and committed bunch I have ever come across in my 10 year experience of buying higher end bikes. The custom fit-up and the attention to detail in putting together my bike is unsurpassed! Not to mention a darn good price as well. If you’re ready to step up in class in the world of bikes, then there is only one place to go- Bicycle World in Mt Kisco, NY. Go see Eric- he’ll set you straight!

Scott Wells – 04/29/2009
Eric- Just letting you know that the new bike rode the park race this weekend and has been quick and stable! Awesome! thanks, Scott

Edward Yatkowsky – 04/22/2009
Hi Eric. I took the bike out yesterday for the maiden voyage of the DI2 components. They are insane. It takes a while to get used to not hearing the mechanical sound of cable shifting. But the shifting is so smooth, precise and quick. And you have to remember the shifters are electronic buttons, so simply a light tap activates them. So far, they are worth the price of admission. Thanks again for getting them installed as quickly as you did and for the professional and meticulous installation. Very best, Ed

Will Meierfeld – 04/22/2009
I recently purchased a Ridley road bike from you. Let me first start by telling you that the bike is amazing! Eric was really informative and built me a special bike. I haven’t had this much fun on a bike since I was a kid.

Joao M Correia Pro Cyclist, Team Cervelo – 05/17/2008
I wanted to sincerely thank you for building my bike on such short notice. I’ve done two races on it so far and it’s working perfectly. By far, the best build I’ve had in a long time.

Frank D. Ambrosio – 05/03/2008
Your knowledge, caring nature and persistence was most appreciated during my purchase.

Ben Lieberman – 05/02/2008
Two years and seven triathlons later, I can look back and appreciate how appropriate the recommendations and treatment were.

Lawrence Jay Braunstein – 05/01/2008
You enabled me to enjoy the buying process, understand my choices and ultimately end up with the “bike of my dreams

Mark Lubin – 05/01/2008
As far as I’m concerned, your expertise, focus and conscientiousness set your store apart from other bike shops in the area.

Bob Beringer – 02/02/2008
Dear Eric, I thought you would like to know that your talents and expertise in “BIKE FIT” have passed the test of none other than Andy Pruitt Ed. D. As you may know, Andy Pruitt has held the credentials of Chief Medical Officer of the U.S. Olympic Team and headed the U.S. Cycling Federation’s Sports Medicine Program for many years.

Mark Garrahan – 02/02/2008
Just want to say thanks for hooking me up with the Felt Virtue 3. It totally rocked my world, as I’m sure you knew it would

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